Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day Of The Dead

On a random day I started watching LA Ink.  All I knew was it was about tattoos (yes I am slightly a recluse).  I had no idea who Kat Von D was either and let me tell you that’s a girl who makes you feel like you can do anything; conquer the world motivation.  What really got my attention were all the Day Of The Dead tattoos.  I loved the skull art work.  Being an abstract painter I don’t ever paint realism or even cartoons. My work is mostly color, texture, design and patterns.   I decided to take a stab at drawing skulls, which I have never ever done.  So in honor of the fast approaching Day Of The Dead holiday I am posting one skull a day.  It will show my beginner attempts to draw an actual subject.  

Please check back every day to see my skulls done simply with pencil and ink on paper.

For the dog lovers!
I donated this painting to
the South Side All Breed Dog Training Club Silent Auction. It runs September 30- October 6, 2013. Please bid for something from the auction!