Monday, November 30, 2015


When I'm not painting it can feel like a money burning a hole in my pocket.  I need to do something, I need to make something, I need to create. I went to If An Elephant Can Paint ceramics studio. Since I am living in limbo I don't have many household items, like plates, silverware, etc.  I decided I wanted to stop eating cereal out of Tupperware so I painted a bowl.  In my old neighborhood there was ceramics studio that I started a bowl set, but since those bowls are tucked away in storage and I painted them so very long ago and my ever fading memory could not remember exactly what the set looked like.  So I painted what I thought my set looked like, but a few days later I remembered this was not what my set looked like, but this new addition to the set is interesting.

Next I went to a painting event at a mechanic's shop, EK Automotive. Yes, a mechanics.  It was really great.  There were cocktails and treats and painting pallets and it was all free. I had the nicest time and met nice people and the shop owner, chief mechanic, was a crafty carpenter as well. The body shop was turned into a painting studio. Guests gathered around tables covered in plastic sheets and we were given three colors and the image of the Chicago flag to paint on a pallet. 



Next I submitted drawings to a t-shirt company, 500Level.  It's a sports themed and artists can submit. If my design is chosen the design is put on a t-shirt and sold.  My designs are about the Chicago Blackhawks. I submitted three designs.

I also made a submission to BucketFeet, which is in Chicago and if my design is chosen it will go on shoes; flip flops, canvas tennis shoes (like Keds) and high tops, but really mid tops. I submitted four designs, including one of the Blackhawks images above.

Fingers crossed, I hope one of my images is chosen.