Friday, June 9, 2017


Here is a story…

On a beautiful, sunny day an artist was spray painting a wall. She notices a family biking towards her. She looked back the wall and continued painting. For a second she looked back up and saw the man getting extremely close and within seconds he kicked her in the gut knocking her down.  She screamed as she hit the cement ground. Getting back up she heard the children say, “You kicked her!”  The man and family kept riding and he replied to his kids “She was spray painting.” 

Now I ask did the artist deserve to be assaulted because, she was painting? Spray painting? Graffiti?

Why didn’t the man simply stop and ask? Why did he sucker kick a woman? Why did he kick a woman in front of his family?

For myself, I love graffiti, sometimes the tags are beautiful. One design on a freight train I saw sparked me to paint this piece; "When Beholding The Tranquil Beauty And Brilliancy Of The Oceans Skin One Forgets TheTiger Heart That Pants Beneath It."

Now my next question is how do you feel about graffiti?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


A few new items. I have new art exhibit. I have joined Society6 and I have started a Dress 4 Project (under wraps for now) and continuing posting on Twitter my ARTinerary© .

My new paintings are hanging at
Munch a charming vegan cafe in Oak Park.  Here is peek at some new pieces. My exhibit runs until June 30, 2017.

"Captured Moments"


I recently joined Society6. If you are looking for small unique items (my art on prints, bags, shirts, etc) this is just the site to purchase from.  There are so many talented artists here.  I have had a couple sales and I hope it continues. 

Catch today's sale.

FREE Worldwide Shipping on Everything
Wednesday 5/24 @ 12amPT - -Thursday 5/25 @ 1159pmPT

The next ARTinerary© to start off
your Memorial Day weekend.
Friday May 26, 2017 ARTinerary© 

Part 1: 6pm @ Whisk @ 2018 W Chicago Ave

Part 2: 7pm @ Summer Sessions @ Heaven Gallery
@ 1550 N Milwaukee

Part 3: 8pm @ Over Under Sideways Down Exhibit @
FireCat Projects @ 2124 N Damen


I continue to save and search for Oktober Studio II. Sometimes I think it's never going to happen, but I then I remind myself to have faith & patience. Some sad news, I had been hanging my paintings at Aqua Salon for 2 years and unfortunately there was a fire and my paintings were damaged, some lost. I have been lucky to have been part of Aqua Salon and we are all working on recovering and repairing from the fire.  The staff at Aqua Salon are wonderful, friendly and excellent stylists and I look forward to the reopening and supporting their business.  

To see more of my painter's life follow me along on Instagram.

Friday, March 17, 2017


It has been a while… I have been muddling through life lately, but let’s catch up. I have started a secret project with the Monarch Collaborative. It may take a long, long, while and I hope it works out. Meanwhile my search of Oktober Studio II is ongoing.  Although search is not the correct word; saving for Oktober Studio II is the better description.  I’m working on a free art piece too.  I donated a painting to Elmer’s Kids and I am working on my online presence. I have been really enjoying Instagram out of all the social venues and have discovered extremely talented artists.  Here are my favorites so far. Here are the few who are motivating me.

Leah Thiessen

Matt Smith

Robin Floberg

Jeremy Sicile Kira

Caitlin Mattisson

For more motivation (can't live without music) right here in Chicago, check out this fun night.

ARTinerary  March 17, 2017

Part 1: 6pm @ Kurt Russell Art Show @ Peanut Gallery @ 902 N California

Part 2: 7pm @ Galway Arms @ 2442 N Clark

Part 3: 8pm @ Tossers Show $20 @ Metro @ 3730 N Clark

Happy St. Patrick's !!!