Friday, March 17, 2017


It has been a while… I have been muddling through life lately, but let’s catch up. I have started a secret project with the Monarch Collaborative. It may take a long, long, while and I hope it works out. Meanwhile my search of Oktober Studio II is ongoing.  Although search is not the correct word; saving for Oktober Studio II is the better description.  I’m working on a free art piece too.  I donated a painting to Elmer’s Kids and I am working on my online presence. I have been really enjoying Instagram out of all the social venues and have discovered extremely talented artists.  Here are my favorites so far. Here are the few who are motivating me.

Leah Thiessen

Matt Smith

Robin Floberg

Jeremy Sicile Kira

Caitlin Mattisson

For more motivation (can't live without music) right here in Chicago, check out this fun night.

ARTinerary  March 17, 2017

Part 1: 6pm @ Kurt Russell Art Show @ Peanut Gallery @ 902 N California

Part 2: 7pm @ Galway Arms @ 2442 N Clark

Part 3: 8pm @ Tossers Show $20 @ Metro @ 3730 N Clark

Happy St. Patrick's !!!