Tuesday, June 28, 2011

July 29-31 2011

I have been occupied painting. Locked inside the studio weekend after weekend; failing to work on my tan. I haven’t even gotten to the beach yet! I’m all off schedule. I might as well stop thinking. The Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest is a month away; July 29-31, 2011.
I am opening my studio to the public for 3 days.  This is the third year I will participate in this event.  I think the fest should be called the Road Runner; a slight jab to the past Coyote. Here is a peek of the studio, paintings and set up.  Everything is on the floor because I paint on the floor. 

Sometimes I paint on top of the canvas or paint as I walk/crawl around it.   I have been experimenting with some work on paper and loose canvas.  I am also working on outdoor signs to hang out the windows.   
I hope there is no rain and I hope this exterior paint lasts. I still need to drill holes out the window and figure out how to wire the signs so that they do not blow away.  I have also been dabbling in some photography. I was given a 35mm camera and some film, although what I have learned is that the film is old and requires C22 processing, something not done in Chicago??? 
  I don’t know if the photos will make it into the exhibit. There is cleaning and hiding furniture still to be done. I am grateful that friends have volunteered to make sweets.

It’s going to be an exciting opening night.  There is a small chance a fiddle player will attend and play some bluegrass and maybe a guest artist. 

I hope you will all be there.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

art for the ocean revolution

My favorite/happy place is the beach whether it’s winter or summer.  I like watching the waves and walking on the sand.  My favorite time is to go super early (7am) when the sun is just up and it’s blinding bright; before the crowds. I layout the whole morning and leave right at lunch time just as the hung over population creeps up. It’s peaceful and the seagulls are calmly walking the shore. I have the whole place to myself. The beach would not be without the lake or river or the ocean and people like, Wallace J Nichols help to keep these places alive.  This is my newest painting for his cause; 50% of this painting sale will be donated to the Ocean Revolution’s 100BlueAngels.org.

To purchase please email me oktoberstudio@hotmail.com