Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FREE Painting Project

I always wanted to secretly install a piece of art and hang it up somewhere in the city. I knew that maybe my installation would not last, maybe the city would take it down or someone would steal it. Instead I saw on Instagram that artists were playing hide and seek with their art and I loved that idea.  Here is my FREE Painting Project.  I hope that the person who finds this piece will somehow let me know.  I plan to do it again so please follow me on Twitter or Instagram to see the project.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Mentioned last blog that I am on a painting break.  Been packing.  Been praying I get a loan to buy a new home/studio. The painting break has been awful.  All I want to do is create. I've been doing a little photography, please follow me on Instagram. 

My painting "Catch Me" was featured on Artist Drop.

Here is my latest project while I am on, said painting break.

Had my painting image made into a couple dresses made by the wonderfully talented seamstress, Diana Maldonado. I hope to make more and sell them. The DRESS PROJECT is to be continued...

Coronet 36x36

Image on 2 yards cotton knit 

Dress 1
Dress 2

Friday, April 11, 2014


I am on a short painting break while trying to find a new studio and move.  In the meantime I have been working on photography.  Please follow me on Instagram and see my photos (I'm practicing).  I have a little bit of tremors so right now I am working on trying to hold the camera (phone) without shaking.  Many, many of my first few shots are blurry. I'm also working on holding the phone with one hand and clicking the shutter release on the touch screen. By the way I loathe touch screen on cameras, phones, computers, etc.

Here a few photos I took this winter. If you follow me on Instagram with #OktoberStudioBlog. I'll follow you back.

Chicago River Icebergs
Row River Dye 2014

Clarence Greenwood - Citizen Cope

Star Lanterns At Christkindlmarket