Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I love the word HALLABALOO; a big noise. For me when I hear it I think that something exciting and special is about to happen somewhere and I long to be part of it. I think of Lollapalooza; an eclectic gathering of festivies, music; a big noise. I love words like those, double consonants and vowels. It’s like they are words from a foreign language from a far away make believe place.
I went to the Hullabaloo II at the Charnel house, which hosted the Fugue Space exhibit.  This exhibit’s theme was about atmospheres. The artists used layering techniques, repetitions and the results created pieces which gave me the feeling that the images were dream like states or other worldly places, outer limits, middle earth, etc.  I felt extremely drawn to this exhibit. I wish I was part of it.  The pieces sucked you in. Well at least I felt sucked in. I want to go back and just sit and stare at this art. The exhibit was curated by Any Squared and Chapel Projects. The artists who participated were  Michael Bolsinga, Angela Davis Fegan, Miguel Guzman, Brian Hewitt, Alexandra Lee, Jane Michalski and Lucy Mueller.

The stage was perfect for the string quartet, Blasted Heath.  A bluegrass band armed with a banjo, electric guitar, bass and guitar. It was their first performance and the music really got grooving as the set went on. The band definitely had toe tapping and head bobbing tunes.

The Charnel House at 4321 West Fullerton was little chapel with a little stage and I fell in love with this space.  I wanted immediately to have my own art exhibit there and have Alexis Javor, Mercaba, Anne Harris, The Fishermen, Trigger Gospel, Bumpus, Elliot Brood and Citizen Cope, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, Alabama Shakes, Sam Roberts Band and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as my band lineup.  I’d have local celebrity, composer Eric Brinkman play piano before and between sets.  Maybe one day…