Monday, December 15, 2014


Still looking for Oktober Studio 2...

Been drawing since I haven't been able to paint. I am happy with my lines and box designs. My owls look like cartoons. I'm trying not to be hard on myself since I am consider myself a beginner.  I see other artist's work and am so impressed with their realism and their cartoon like images. I'm trying to keep in mind each artist has a style, maybe this is my style???




I am practicing photography too. See and follow my photos on Instagram.  I think my photos are better than my drawings, but I will keep practicing both!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween ARTinerary© Friday October 31, 2014

My favorite month, October, my favorite holiday, Halloween.  I finished the studio move right on schedule to enjoy holiday. Then back to the search for Oktober Studio 2.  Since I will not have any painting space I will be trying out new arts, continuing to practice photography, work on a second dress project and keep drawing.  

See my witch sketch and this week's ARTinerary© with 3 options, just because it's Halloween. Chicago loves holidays!!!

Friday October 31, 2014 ARTinerary©

Part 1: 6pm @ Curse Of The Blood Moon $10 @ Adler Planetarium @ 1300 S LSD
Part 2: 10pm @ Moonshine Alice In Wonderland Halloween @ 1824 W Division  

Part 1: 5pm MAKE RESERVATION @ Chez Moi Pumpkin Dinner $35 @ 2100 N Halsted
Part 2: 8pm @ Ukulele Cabaret Show @ Silvie’sLounge @ 1902 W Irving Park  
Part 3: 11pm @ Rocky Horror Picture Show $15 @ Music Box @ 3733 N Southport

Part 1: 6pm @ Packer Schopf Gallery  @ 942 W Lake
Part 2: 9pm @ Zombie Containment Haunted House $20 @ Navy Pier @ 600 E Grand  



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oktober Studio Moving Sale

Friday October 31, 2014 is the last day of my lease.  The last day of Oktober Studio.  I have had mixed feelings since this began.  At first I wanted to do everything possible to stay in my apartment; my apartment in the perfect location less than fifty yards away from the L, my bank in the backyard and a bakery across the street.  As I spent the last year packing, looking at property to buy and watching Logan Square change made me feel done with the neighborhood. Then I felt excited, excited to leave like I cannot wait to leave. Now with the last few days passing by a sorrow swept through me.  As the apartment becomes empty and the move began my thoughts are that " Wow this place looks like a great place to live" and I want to keep the apartment. Now while the search for the next Oktober Studio continues life will be slightly on hold, art projects will be different. I will have two final days of open studio. All art for sale: Friday, October 24th 8-10pm and Saturday, October 25th 12-3pm. Stop by!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I doodle anytime I have a pen/pencil and paper. Even when I am supposed to be listening to someone, I doodle. I think my best creative pieces are a doodle. Here are two I did. They always look the same to me like space stations from Star Wars. What do you doodle?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

ARTinerary© August 29, 2014

Start the holiday weekend off with some culture and see art and eat good.

Friday August 29, 2014 ARTinerary©Part 1: 6pm @ Sideshow Gallery @ 2219 N Western ~  Part 2: 7pm @ Green Eye Lounge @ 2403 W Homer ~ Part 3: 8pm @ Madison Public House @ 2200 N Milwaukee


In honor of 100 Days Of Blue here are few of my BlueMind photos  (practicing photography). Visit my Ocean Revolution page and find a painting that you love.

Monday, August 25, 2014


I have never been able to draw. I can paint an abstract version of an object, but I cannot draw.  I can see images, sketches in my mind; elaborate detailed drawings, but I cannot execute.  I did a 7 day practice with just shapes.  

At the end of this lesson I think my drawings look more like tattoos or images for a kid's coloring book. While my studio is being packed up I cannot paint so I am continuing to practice drawing, photography and another dress project in the works for fall.  After this drawing practice I want to design some tattoos! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

ARTinerary© July 25, 2014

Follow ARTinerary© on Twitter and discover an arts-themed Friday night schedule. 

Here is this weekend's schedule.

Have Fun!

Part 1:
5pm @ Newbury Book Fair @ Newbury Library @ 60 W Walton

Part 2:
7pm @ Bookish Exhibit @ Corbett vs. Dempsey @ 1120 N Ashland

Part 3:
8pm @ A Delicate Balance Exhibit @ ARC Gallery @ 2156 N Damen > 9pm @ Quenchers $5 @ 2401 N Western

For sale $500.00
To purchase painting contact:

Monday, July 7, 2014


The final step has been completed for my dress project.  My dress is now selling at Fringe Boutique.  Thanks to fashionista, shop owner, Tracy Jacobson Inwood.

Fringe Boutique located at 27 Ash Street, Frankfort, Illinois 60423.  Is a clothing shop ahead of it's time for fashion. It's a shop you go to thinking you will buy one item and come out with ten.  Reasonable prices for the upscale clothing and jewelry. 

There are only 3 original dresses.  Two left at the boutique. 

I wanted to thank the great and powerful seamstress, Diana Maldonado for her sewing expertise and many, many thanks to my good friend Tracy Jacobson Inwood for participating again in one of my art projects.

Stop in the shop before they are all gone!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Searching for Oktober Studio II

Last year I got notice my rent would increase by $400.00 or more. I made a decision to finish out lease and move Oktober Studio.  I decided that I no longer wanted to rent that I didn't want to run the risk of living in a place where I had no security on what I had to pay to keep it. I went through so much emotion about my apartment. I have now been there for 15 years and I love it. I loved it from the first time I ever walked into it so many years ago.  I watched Logan Square go from a sparse area to a hot mess.  

Finally after months of tears & packing and seeing my beloved hood get infested with X. I made my peace with leaving and now I cannot wait to leave.  As a potential buyer I now started the process of getting finances together.  I had bad and low credit.  The mortgage people suggested I get a credit card in hopes of getting my credit score up.  This was a dreaded thought. I had 8 credit cards when I was 18 years old and I didn't want to have them again. After a couple credit card rejections I finally got one with low balance and started spending.  As an artist, sometimes we have excessive tendencies. I do with money and I was nervous about having the card; so far it's been ok and I've been keeping up and not over spending. Finally after 9 months I got pre-approved to buy. It wasn't for much, but I began my search for Oktober Studio II.

I want a space that has enough room for me to live and paint and exhibit.  I want to be on the first floor, with outdoor space and it needs to be larger than 1200sqft. So far I've looked at 15 places+ in person and over 100 online. Some places in person were scary. One had the basement where and the ceiling was falling down. At one place I opened the door to the basement and saw the staircase down and closed the door. I was not about to go down that rabbit hole.  There were some great unique items too that I saw on my home search. There was a house that looked just like a life size doll house. Another property had wonderful arched doorways. There was a house that had an actual white picket fence and a koi pond, but the basement had a strange hump. Chicago is an old city and some houses where 100 years old or a little older. These houses are historical and the wood molding was original and the foundations original, but cracked. 

There was another home that had a roof that had shingles they no longer make. My dream home leaned to one side and the basement flooded as tall as me. After noting the flooding of my dream home, I let it go, crossed it off the list. My second choice seemed to have it all space, location, outdoor space, but I lost it in a bidding war. 

The other thing you notice while looking at property is the way people live.  I saw a 3 flat and one of the apartments there had room with a religious statue and nothing else. I guess that was where they prayed.  Another place must have had 7 people living in it.

As a buyer you have to look at furnaces, roofs, water spots, windows, and the foundation. It is a long process. I haven't really felt the feeling of "this is it" as I did when I first found my apartment. Sometimes I walk into a home and feel nothing. I keep waiting for the "this is it" feeling. I decided to let the money take me to where my next studio would be. I have been trying not to have any lean towards any one neighborhood.  Although, if I had to choose Jefferson Park is my first choice and second is Hermosa.  I have been looking at houses, condos two flats and mixed use. 

I did learn that mixed use is off the list unless I can find one zoned residential instead of commercial. It is a long process to get a commercial loan and you need a lot of money to put down.  

Home searching makes one really see what you want.  I know I do not want a place where the kitchen and living room are in the same room.  I don't like the idea of cooking in my living room.  I know now that I want outdoor space. You start to learn what you can and cannot live without.  I can live without a dishwasher, washer and dryer and A/C.  I've never had those things so they are not on a priority list.  What are on the list are space, 3 bedrooms, formal dining room, outdoor space, and first floor. There are 7 sets of staircases in my life every day. My knees will not last and I want to eliminate some staircases. What I'll settle for (because you don't get everything) not my dream neighborhood, a condo, two bedrooms. Although I believe and have faith that the right place will come.  Fate will step in and lead me to -this must be the place- this is it!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FREE Painting Project

I always wanted to secretly install a piece of art and hang it up somewhere in the city. I knew that maybe my installation would not last, maybe the city would take it down or someone would steal it. Instead I saw on Instagram that artists were playing hide and seek with their art and I loved that idea.  Here is my FREE Painting Project.  I hope that the person who finds this piece will somehow let me know.  I plan to do it again so please follow me on Twitter or Instagram to see the project.

Hope you will share my
blog with friends.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Mentioned last blog that I am on a painting break.  Been packing.  Been praying I get a loan to buy a new home/studio. The painting break has been awful.  All I want to do is create. I've been doing a little photography, please follow me on Instagram. 

My painting "Catch Me" was featured on Artist Drop.

Here is my latest project while I am on, said painting break.

Had my painting image made into a couple dresses made by the wonderfully talented seamstress, Diana Maldonado. I hope to make more and sell them. The DRESS PROJECT is to be continued...

Coronet 36x36

Image on 2 yards cotton knit 

Dress 1
Dress 2

Friday, April 11, 2014


I am on a short painting break while trying to find a new studio and move.  In the meantime I have been working on photography.  Please follow me on Instagram and see my photos (I'm practicing).  I have a little bit of tremors so right now I am working on trying to hold the camera (phone) without shaking.  Many, many of my first few shots are blurry. I'm also working on holding the phone with one hand and clicking the shutter release on the touch screen. By the way I loathe touch screen on cameras, phones, computers, etc.

Here a few photos I took this winter. If you follow me on Instagram with #OktoberStudioBlog. I'll follow you back.

Chicago River Icebergs
Row River Dye 2014

Clarence Greenwood - Citizen Cope

Star Lanterns At Christkindlmarket

Thursday, February 13, 2014

ARTinerary© February 2014

This is the 14th month I have been posting ARTinerary© on Twitter- A Friday night plan with an art theme. Last Friday, February 7, 2014 was different.  I had two options to choose from for your night of fun:

Part 1: 6pm @ LOVE IS LOVE Event $18 @ MCA @ 220 E Chicago

 Part 2: 9pm @ My Gold Mask Show @ Subterranean @ 2011 W North Ave

Part 1: 7pm @ Beauty Of The Beast Exhibit @ Galerie F @ 2328 N Milwaukee

 Part 2: 9pm @ Bastida Show @ Café Mustache @ 2313 N Milwaukee

I combined OPTION 1, PART 1 with OPTION 2 Part 2.


The LOVE IS LOVE event was hosted by the Hideout at the MCA. 
It was a fantastic night of music and art. The event was jam packed and each level of the museum had something interesting to do; listen to music, crafts, eat, or take photos, or have your tarot cards read.  My favorite part of the night was the Valentine making station.  I heard the bands Sanctified Grumblers, Jeffrey Thomas Orchestra, and Bobby Conn & Monica BouBou.  The food was provided by Soup & Bread a community meal project for hunger relief.  

Powder-coated steel, by William J.O'Brien
 As the MCA fills up the Jefferey Thomas Orchestra
projects music on wall during set. 
The Black Paintings
By William J O'Brien

Making Valentines.


We walked into the tiny Café Mustache and scored seats on a comfy couch. It was perfect night cap to the night.  The opener was the singer from the band Close Hits. His strumming was groovy and I was disappointed when his set ended.  Then, next up, a wonderful guitarist from Spain, Raul Bastida.  I expected this set to be nice, but I was blown away; it was awesome. This one musician alone had such great power you would have thought the Gypsy Kings were rocking the house. The songs were belted out to romantic guitar playing.  Although most of the songs were in Spanish and me and my group didn’t understand the lyrics the music and the singer’s voice were moving.

Raul Bastida sings at Cafe Mustache
(What I learned is I have to practice at taking pictures!)

Here is ARTinerary© February 14, 2014

Part 1:
6pm @ Rodan @ 1530 N Milwaukee – MAKE RESERVATION 773.276.7036

Part 2:
7pm @ Gallery Cabaret @ 2020 N Oakley

Part 3:
10pm @ Movie – Annie Hall @ Logan Theatre @ 2646 N Milwaukee


Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Print Sale

A holiday all about LOVE, what could be better!  If you still need a gift, please check out my print sale.

Heart 1

Heart 2

$10.00/Print./ 8x10  

Log into PayPal
Send Money to
In the NOTES section, please note
the HEART number
and your mailing address
Please add $5.00 for international shipping.

When I think about LOVE, I usually think about music. There is nothing like a song to get your toes tapping, your feelings in pain from the lyrics. Music can make you cry and love at the same time.
Here are a few of my favorite love songs.

Citizen Cope - Holdin' On
The Beatles - Oh Darling
David Gray - The One I Love
Genesis - Follow You Follow Me
Dean Martin - Sway
Øller - Moan
The Avette Brothers - If It's The Beaches
Rachel Yamagata - I'll Find A Way
The Black Keys - All You Ever Wanted
Otis Redding - Try A Little Tenderness

Happy Valentine's Day