Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Oktober Studio 2

New Years Eve is my 2nd favorite holiday (Halloween being the 1st favorite). I love the idea of the year ending and new chapter is ahead. You get a second chance and the past is now past. It's like a blank canvas; anything is possible.

In my
August blog I wrote about having to move. The next step is raising money to do so.  Please see and share my Fund Anything Campaign.

It is my next step to fund a new live, work & exhibit space.  I have to admit Fund Anything scared me. I sat on this for a few months.  Then I read my NEW YEARS horoscope and I found excitement for 2014. I only read my horoscope once or twice a year, but if I do I read one; it's Susan Miller's Astrology Zone; uplifting. It's nice to have a little pick me up.  

So here we go, into 2014 with a crusade for a new home, Oktober Studio 2...