Monday, November 30, 2015


When I'm not painting it can feel like a money burning a hole in my pocket.  I need to do something, I need to make something, I need to create. I went to If An Elephant Can Paint ceramics studio. Since I am living in limbo I don't have many household items, like plates, silverware, etc.  I decided I wanted to stop eating cereal out of Tupperware so I painted a bowl.  In my old neighborhood there was ceramics studio that I started a bowl set, but since those bowls are tucked away in storage and I painted them so very long ago and my ever fading memory could not remember exactly what the set looked like.  So I painted what I thought my set looked like, but a few days later I remembered this was not what my set looked like, but this new addition to the set is interesting.

Next I went to a painting event at a mechanic's shop, EK Automotive. Yes, a mechanics.  It was really great.  There were cocktails and treats and painting pallets and it was all free. I had the nicest time and met nice people and the shop owner, chief mechanic, was a crafty carpenter as well. The body shop was turned into a painting studio. Guests gathered around tables covered in plastic sheets and we were given three colors and the image of the Chicago flag to paint on a pallet. 



Next I submitted drawings to a t-shirt company, 500Level.  It's a sports themed and artists can submit. If my design is chosen the design is put on a t-shirt and sold.  My designs are about the Chicago Blackhawks. I submitted three designs.

I also made a submission to BucketFeet, which is in Chicago and if my design is chosen it will go on shoes; flip flops, canvas tennis shoes (like Keds) and high tops, but really mid tops. I submitted four designs, including one of the Blackhawks images above.

Fingers crossed, I hope one of my images is chosen.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Art Festivals

Many years ago I was participated in Around The Coyote Art Festival.  It was in Bucktown and Wicker Park.  I was lucky and was in a gallery; Gallery 1633. It was owned by the wonderful painter, Montana Morrison.  Her gallery was one large room with wall windows and small rooms in the back then a backyard. The other half of the building was her studio and the second floor she lived and rented another apartment.  My spot; each year I participated was right out the back door under the deck of the apartment above.  It was small, but I loved it. I could nail pieces to float from the wood beams and everyone had to pass by section twice going in and out of the gallery. The backyard became an art garden those weekends of the fest. The legend I was told from Morrison was that a French artist named Jolly started the fest.  It was in Bucktown and Wicker Park for many years then moved to the West Loop and then eventually disbanded.  This year it was brought back to Wicker Park & Bucktown borders at Damen, Milwaukee and North Avenue.  I was very excited and added it to my ARTinerary© and attended the exhibits at the FlatIrons Building, which in all my years of being a Westender I never went inside.  The triangle building was tall labyrinth filled with the unusual and beautiful. Here are my 2 favorite pieces from the festival both by artist, Kevin Lahvic.  Art season is upon us and this week my ARTineray© includes another festival.

Friday September 11, 2015
Part 1: 6pm @ A Close Look At Two Exhibit @ Schneider Gallery @ 770 N Lasalle
Part 2: 7pm @ Farmhouse @ 228 W Chicago
Part 3: 8pm @ Lakeview East
Festival Of The Arts @ Belmont & Broadway

I will be participating in an art festival on
Saturday October 17, 2015
Destination Devon Art Walk

Looking forward to seeing how
the northwest side does art...

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Edison Park Residency

When I moved out of Oktober Studio in Logan Square who knew it was going to take so long to find a new home.  After a short stay in Old Town I now have begun my life again; my art life, but this time in Edison Park.  I've started to paint again. In Old Town I could not paint (perhaps a little creative block) and I did sketching and photography and a second summer dress project.  I am still looking and hoping to find my final destination for Oktober Studio II. Real Estate is expensive and when you have always been poor it's a long path to get what you want. I am holding out for a place I don't have to move from.  I place with enough space and not too much the saving continues. After being outbid on one place and a rejected offer on another. I lost faith, no hope, but Edison Park has renewed me.  The neighborhood is wonderful.  It reminds me of where I grew up the greatest place in the world, Dolton, Illinois. Edison Park has the same vibe and wondering around, jogging, riding the bus I have discovered how much I do not want to leave this neighborhood. I hope I find Oktober Studio II here. It was always on my list of neighborhoods to buy in, but now that I am living here,each day I pray to find my home here. Here is my first painting at this residence.

I am having an Edison Park Welcome Sale for 60631 Residents
$25 Off Selected Paintings
Expires 9/10/2015

Contact to schedule a studio visit.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday July 17, 2015 ARTinerary©

Some pictures and drawings I have been working on and now that summer is really here enjoy this Friday's ARTinerary©

 Part 1, the beginning...

 Part 2, still in the works...

Friday July 17, 2015 ARTinerary©

Part 1: 6pm @ Bad Grammer Theatre Book Reading @ Powell's Bookstore @ 1218 S Halsted

Part 2: 8pm @ Taste Of River North @ Ward Park @ Kingsbury & Erie

Part 3: 10pm @ Logan Theatre @ 2646 N Milwaukee


Friday, June 12, 2015

ARTinerary© Friday June 12, 2015

One of my very favorite fests is happening this weekend; BLUES FEST. Can't live without music! Now that summer is official in the city, the weekends are packed with neighborhood festivals, art exhibits and concerts.  For Friday night arts weekend follow my ARTinerary© on Twitter. 

Friday June 12, 2015

Part 1: 6pm @ The Purple Pig  @ 500 N Michigan
Part 2: 7pm @ Blues Fest @ Grant Park @ Monroe & Lake Shore Drive
Part 3: 10pm @ Matchbox @ 770 N Milwaukee

Rain or shine the show must go on...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Dress Project 2

While living in limbo (the search continues for Oktober Studio 2) and not being able to paint. I have been occupying my time with other projects, drawing, photography and a second dress project. Thanks to the most talented seamstress, Diana Maldonado and fashionista, Tracy Jacobson Inwood of Fringe Boutique my second dress project is complete.

This dress project has become a summer project.  Starting with last summer. Now this year we have created a racer back maxi dress. The color is Spring Forest and the fabric is Organic Cotton Knit printed from Spoonflower. Only two dresses were made; this is a limited edition.

"Kale" on fabric

Dress 2

Welcome to Fringe Boutique
$75/ Large/Maxi Dress

Dress 2 by Licha At Oktober Studio handmade by Diana Maldonado. NOW selling at Fringe Boutique located at 27 Ash Street, Frankfort, Illinois 60423, 815.469.0607.  STOP IN TODAY!


Friday, May 29, 2015

ARTinerary© Friday May 29, 2015

ARTinerary©  Friday May 29, 2015

Part 1: 6pm @ Biophilia Exhibit @ Elephant Room Gallery @ 704 S Wabash

Part 2: 7pm @ Invent The Future Exhibit @ Galerie F @ 2381 N Milwaukee

Part 3: 8pm @ Summer House @ 1954 N Halsted 

Here are some photos from my practices.

Trying to get the shots when the birds were in flight and the shadows they were making as they were flying around and landing.  These were taken with my Samsung phone.  The quality is not great, but I am always thinking subject not quality. Maybe when I improve I can then make the next step to image quality. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ARTinerary© Friday May 15, 2015

Friday May 15, 2015.
A Friday arts night out.

Part 1: 6pmA Night At The Opera Exhibit
@ Printworks @ 311 W Superior

Part 2:
7pm @ May Fest @ 3100 N Ashland

Part 3: 10pm
@ Cody’s Public House @
1658 W Barry

ARTinerary© is posted every week on every Thursday and Friday on Twitter.

Monday, April 27, 2015


Still looking for a place to live and work.  It's been hard when your buying bracket is on the low end.  There is nothing affordable that is decent; not for my needs, a live, gallery, studio space.  I will keep looking and I will find the right place at the right time for the right price.  My affirmation these days. Mean while I have started another dress project and I have been drawing and taking photos.  Here are the latest photos. My issue; my hands shake when I hold camera. 



Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I went on a hike one morning in February. The morning sky was bright and clear. I have tried over and over with paint to get the color exact and although I come close it's not the same crisp blue.  My love for trees shows up and I think it's not always the trees, but the lines of the branches I like best. They criss-cross, connect and reach high; thick lines, thin branches growing in all directions.  The sun was strong for February and the temperature was a balmy 50 degrees. The clouds swirled about in the subtle breeze just enough to make the sky look grazed with white still allowing the azure of the sky pierce through. Practicing my photography with a digital Cannon I was able to get these shots.