Thursday, August 11, 2016

7 Flowers

If you have been following my blog you will know that I started practicing painting flowers. This whole summer all I have noticed throughout the city is flowers, vibrant, beautiful flowers all over. These muses are good for color inspiration. The leaves, the petals, are good for me too; to practice drawing/painting a shape.  I completed my 31 May Flowers Project, which was acrylic on paper. 

The next series was 7 Flowers. I did acrylic on canvas. I painted a couple on very large canvases, which is just the direction I'd like to go; bigger canvas. This Edison Park residency has me painting back on the kitchen floor again, but the space is smaller. I have a backdoor with a screen window and the air helps with the paint fumes.  All summer crawling and walking in circles around the canvas on the floor listening over and over again to The Avett Brothers (side note: what a brilliant artist Scott Avett is!) and Ray LaMontagne. These guys got me through the long days of painting; music is my fuel. Can't live without music! 

Since I'm slightly off on a music note; I did an art exhibit may years ago at the Village Tap in Roscoe Village. It was curated by Rebecca Rego, back then an aspiring singer. I recently was reunited with her for a few moments. A great surprise, she was the opener at City Winery for the Marc Broussard show. Yes, yes, I go to a lot of concerts. Again music is my fuel.  If you do not know these musicians; you should. Their music is soulful.

I practiced my photography too while collecting flowers.  This has been summer...




"Home" 36x36

"Sleeping In The Garden" 48x48

"Watermelon" 36x36

"Dreaming Of Summer" 20x20

"The Peonies" 42x48

"Thinking Of Vancouver" 30x30

"June" 24x24

All paintings are for sale. Contact to purchase.