Monday, February 14, 2011


I am very connected to the water. Many of my paintings have a water theme.  I didn't know it at first until everyone kept asking "What's with all the fishes?" but, I realized my happy place is the beach and I cannot be happier then when swimming under water. I would have to say I am in love with water. Almost every day I stare out at the lake and I feel the waves calling to me. I decided to do something about this water ache I had.  I contacted marine biologist, Wallace J. Nichols.  Now I have joined with him in this new year to help raise money for the conservation of oceans.  I am donating 50% of a painting sale to his 100BLUEANGELS CAMPAIGN. If you are interested in any of these paintings please contact me at Your support would greatly be appreciated!  If you are interested in seeing some of my work in person I currently have an exhibit at the Downers Grove Park District (4500 Belmont Road, Downers Grove IL 60515). It will run February 14-March 31, 2011.  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Toy Camera

The Chicago Cultural Center is exactly what you would think.  I went there for a photography exhibit. I walked in and there were musicians tucked away in different rooms of the old library. People were hustling and bustling about the building trying to get to the exhibit. It is a small taste of what our city has to offer. The best part; it was all free! I followed the massive crowds through the hallways to the toy cameral exhibit by Logan Square artist, Dan Zamudio.  The photos captured moments of the city. I heard onlookers trying to guess the locations of the photos or saying "that place is by where I live."  The show has a nostalgic feel and the work is solid and polished. The photos are tiny black and whites and the walls of exhibit space are full of them. The show runs through March 31st. It would be interesting to know why these scenes caught the photographer's eye. He is speaking there about his work on Thursday, February 24, 2011 at 1215pm; might be a nice way to spend lunch...