Friday, September 30, 2016

Destination Devon Art Walk

I'm exhibiting...

Destination Devon Art Walk
Saturday October 1,2016

Aqua Salon
5346 West Devon
Chicago, Illinois 60646

I am participating for the second time in Edgebrook's art walk. I'm exhibiting at Aqua Salon again. I have many new pieces. The exhibit will be outside as well as inside the salon. Praying for no rain!

Art Notes
After painting flowers all spring and summer I am ready for some abstract art, but when I went to paint I had a block and in a panic I felt and thought "Wait, I don't know how to paint anything but flowers."  It took a few days and I don't yet feel like the block is knocked down, but I am working on another painting and we'll see how it turns out. Also as time passes I am taking longer to complete a piece. Normally I would finish a painting in one day, but now it takes about 2 or 3 days or longer. I wonder if that means anything???

Thursday, August 11, 2016

7 Flowers

If you have been following my blog you will know that I started practicing painting flowers. This whole summer all I have noticed throughout the city is flowers, vibrant, beautiful flowers all over. These muses are good for color inspiration. The leaves, the petals, are good for me too; to practice drawing/painting a shape.  I completed my 31 May Flowers Project, which was acrylic on paper. 

The next series was 7 Flowers. I did acrylic on canvas. I painted a couple on very large canvases, which is just the direction I'd like to go; bigger canvas. This Edison Park residency has me painting back on the kitchen floor again, but the space is smaller. I have a backdoor with a screen window and the air helps with the paint fumes.  All summer crawling and walking in circles around the canvas on the floor listening over and over again to The Avett Brothers (side note: what a brilliant artist Scott Avett is!) and Ray LaMontagne. These guys got me through the long days of painting; music is my fuel. Can't live without music! 

Since I'm slightly off on a music note; I did an art exhibit may years ago at the Village Tap in Roscoe Village. It was curated by Rebecca Rego, back then an aspiring singer. I recently was reunited with her for a few moments. A great surprise, she was the opener at City Winery for the Marc Broussard show. Yes, yes, I go to a lot of concerts. Again music is my fuel.  If you do not know these musicians; you should. Their music is soulful.

I practiced my photography too while collecting flowers.  This has been summer...




"Home" 36x36

"Sleeping In The Garden" 48x48

"Watermelon" 36x36

"Dreaming Of Summer" 20x20

"The Peonies" 42x48

"Thinking Of Vancouver" 30x30

"June" 24x24

All paintings are for sale. Contact to purchase.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 31 Flowers Project

These are the final floral pieces for my 31 May Flowers Project. This project is acrylic on paper and 9x12. Each painting is for sale for $25.00.

"May 12th"

"May 13th"

"May 14th"

"May 15th"

"May 16th"

"May 17th"

"May 18th"

"May 19th"

"May 20th"

"May 21st"

"May 22nd"

"May 23rd"

"May 24th"

"May 25th"

"May 26th"

"May 27th"

"May 28th"

"May 29th"

"May 30th"

Follow me on Instagram to see the last piece, "May 31st" and keep following to see upcoming large flower paintings in the works.

Friday, May 27, 2016

31 May Flowers Project

This project has made me see that flowers are not as easy to paint as one might think. I feel as though the petals are improving, but not the leaves. Also researching flowers I have really fallen in love with green flowers. They are so lush, vibrant and alive. Petals bleed colors together and I like that I can capture that with paint. 

"May 8th"

"May 9th"

"May 10th"

"May 11th"

To be continued...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

31 May Flowers Project Continues...

"May 5th"

I felt like the "May 5th" piece started out very randomly.  I was not sure about how I felt, but then seeing over and over I like how the poppies came out.

"May 6th"

"May 6th" painting was a practice with working with white, yellow, green and a putty colors. I am really loving putty it mixes well and gives pieces depth.

"May 7th"

I really wanted to try red on red. This work "May 7th" turned out better that while I was painting. Roses are like peonies; many petals, layers. This design requires a lot of shading with the one color.

To be continued...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

31 May Flowers Project May 4th

"May 4th"
Acrylic on paper

What I have figured out so far is that I like dark background with the bright colors of the flowers. I hardly really used black in such a large scale. Normally I used black as an accent or outline, but in a larger scale it brings the piece some elegance. Also the subject of flowers is just beautiful. I am still trying to work on petals facing inward.  Back to practicing...



Tuesday, May 3, 2016

31 May Flowers Project May 3rd

"May 3rd"

These 31 pieces I am working on are small, acrylic on paper. I am selling for $25.00 each. They will be mounted, maybe framed. I haven't decided on frames yet. The texture of each piece really gives the flower a life. What I like about painting flowers is that they are so full of blended colors. I can mix and match paint to create slight grains of a petal. I am posting a practice painting everyday of May on Instagram. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

31 May Flowers Project

I am an abstract painter. To me this means I can paint anything, but it will be warped to my emotions. My strong skill is design, pattern and color. I couldn't try to draw or paint a person's face or a body or an animal if I tried and I have tried.  However I always get asked to paint flowers.  I love flowers, however they are not my strength. I recently discovered artist Bobbie Burgers. An extremely talented painter who paints flowers, nature, etc.  Her flowers are so beautiful and the pieces have a slight abstraction to them. I thought I want to paint flowers like her.  So I have started a short flower series; 31 May Flowers Project.  I hope to get better. This is the start of my practice.  

"Meet Me In The Garden"

"Dreaming Of Summer"

"May Day"

"May 1st"

"May 2nd"

to be continued...

Monday, April 4, 2016


People always ask me, how long have I been painting? How did you start? 

I have been painting all my life. As a kid you start out with finger paint, water colors, and crayons.  I grew up in house with all that and more, colored pencils, pastel oil sticks, charcoal, markers and the now popular adult coloring books that somehow have a surge. I see them and think I was coloring in those in grade school, how are they now just for adults?! It drives me crazy.

When I was at Columbia creativity and art was everywhere.  Visits to the art institute were regular field trips. I saw paintings, (by Klimt, Picasso, Pollock & Alcalay) abstract art and I felt, in my gut, I can do that. Although fine art, painting was not my major I knew I was supposed to be a painter.  I started painting with the intent to sell paintings in 1992. I began selling in 1996. Those historical figures in the art world helped me to see what direction I was headed.

My most favorite piece by Gustav Klimt is his painting, Goldfish.  Although many, many of Klimt’s work was not just pretty design & shape; they had people and animals, and nature, but what was abstract was the symbolism of each person, place or thing.  A major reason I love abstract art is because, each piece is perhaps a puzzle, a hidden/secret meaning.

"Whoever wants to know something about me- as an artist which alone is significant- they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want" - Gustav Klimt

Goldfish has the best of Klimt's traits, gold and symbolism. I am not an art historian, I think I barely passed art history, but Klimt's father was a gold engraver and I think that's where the gold influence really came from. This piece shows the lovely ginger mooning the viewer, the authorities of his life. what a better way than with lustful fiery women seducing one to enter the water. Come join the lovelies of the underwater world. The gorgeous goldfish shining like a gold coin.

The little details is what I love, plus red is my favorite color so the red head getting the spotlight is cool too. The fish has fine, tiny thin lines defining the scales, the detail of the women's hair, each strand long and flowing yet their bodies smooth, soft, warm. The background filled with specs of gold. What was he feeling that created this dreamy image said to be retaliation? It's a beautiful riddle.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Color Inspiration

Practicing photography. Some snapshots and some color inspiration.

How beautiful is blue?! The shades of the sky are continuously changing all day long. My first thought always when I go out to take pictures is "the sky."  Even when it's dark or gray the sky is a good subject. I read recently these photography tips: to look for leading lines, look for your horizon and use the rule of thirds. I'm working on those.

Color inspiration catches your eye. For me, as a painter, even if I hear a color said that perhaps I have not heard in awhile or forgot about. Then I hear it and I become obsessed with it.  Red is my favorite color and I at times I am seeking the perfect red, bright and bloody and full of love. Every year for Christmas I ask for red nail polish, red like blood I write on the list and I have yet to receive the perfect shade; the shade to me that is red, but to everyone else it is shiny, it is creamy, it is orange.  Maybe everyone is colorblind?

When I get a color inspiration, I feel the deepness of the color. I see it bursting before me and I have to capture it.

What's your favorite color?