Thursday, November 17, 2011


I think one reason so many people say when they go outside that “they are one with nature” is because our heart beats to the rhythm of the waves or our breathing sinks with the wind and you feel at peace.  You can feel the movement of the world in a quiet place and it’s like meditating and it feels good.  I know my happy place is at the beach. Sitting alone staring out at the water or up at the sky or floating in the water; it’s calming.

Water has a strong pull on people, swimmers, fishermen, surfers, etc.  I took my nephew to the beach one day for an evening volleyball game.  I told him to sit on the beach and watch the game and do not go into the water.  Within the hour he was all wet.  I asked him what happen to “do not go into the water.”  He said “I couldn’t help it, it was calling to me.”

Here is my latest painting for the Ocean Revolution.50% of this painting sale will be donated to 100BlueAngels.

"It's Always Our Self We Find In The Sea"

Please click this link and read about my friend Wallace J Nichols and his ocean crusade.