Monday, April 4, 2016


People always ask me, how long have I been painting? How did you start? 

I have been painting all my life. As a kid you start out with finger paint, water colors, and crayons.  I grew up in house with all that and more, colored pencils, pastel oil sticks, charcoal, markers and the now popular adult coloring books that somehow have a surge. I see them and think I was coloring in those in grade school, how are they now just for adults?! It drives me crazy.

When I was at Columbia creativity and art was everywhere.  Visits to the art institute were regular field trips. I saw paintings, (by Klimt, Picasso, Pollock & Alcalay) abstract art and I felt, in my gut, I can do that. Although fine art, painting was not my major I knew I was supposed to be a painter.  I started painting with the intent to sell paintings in 1992. I began selling in 1996. Those historical figures in the art world helped me to see what direction I was headed.

My most favorite piece by Gustav Klimt is his painting, Goldfish.  Although many, many of Klimt’s work was not just pretty design & shape; they had people and animals, and nature, but what was abstract was the symbolism of each person, place or thing.  A major reason I love abstract art is because, each piece is perhaps a puzzle, a hidden/secret meaning.

"Whoever wants to know something about me- as an artist which alone is significant- they should look attentively at my pictures and there seek to recognize what I am and what I want" - Gustav Klimt

Goldfish has the best of Klimt's traits, gold and symbolism. I am not an art historian, I think I barely passed art history, but Klimt's father was a gold engraver and I think that's where the gold influence really came from. This piece shows the lovely ginger mooning the viewer, the authorities of his life. what a better way than with lustful fiery women seducing one to enter the water. Come join the lovelies of the underwater world. The gorgeous goldfish shining like a gold coin.

The little details is what I love, plus red is my favorite color so the red head getting the spotlight is cool too. The fish has fine, tiny thin lines defining the scales, the detail of the women's hair, each strand long and flowing yet their bodies smooth, soft, warm. The background filled with specs of gold. What was he feeling that created this dreamy image said to be retaliation? It's a beautiful riddle.