Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween ARTinerary© Friday October 31, 2014

My favorite month, October, my favorite holiday, Halloween.  I finished the studio move right on schedule to enjoy holiday. Then back to the search for Oktober Studio 2.  Since I will not have any painting space I will be trying out new arts, continuing to practice photography, work on a second dress project and keep drawing.  

See my witch sketch and this week's ARTinerary© with 3 options, just because it's Halloween. Chicago loves holidays!!!

Friday October 31, 2014 ARTinerary©

Part 1: 6pm @ Curse Of The Blood Moon $10 @ Adler Planetarium @ 1300 S LSD
Part 2: 10pm @ Moonshine Alice In Wonderland Halloween @ 1824 W Division  

Part 1: 5pm MAKE RESERVATION @ Chez Moi Pumpkin Dinner $35 @ 2100 N Halsted
Part 2: 8pm @ Ukulele Cabaret Show @ Silvie’sLounge @ 1902 W Irving Park  
Part 3: 11pm @ Rocky Horror Picture Show $15 @ Music Box @ 3733 N Southport

Part 1: 6pm @ Packer Schopf Gallery  @ 942 W Lake
Part 2: 9pm @ Zombie Containment Haunted House $20 @ Navy Pier @ 600 E Grand  



Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Oktober Studio Moving Sale

Friday October 31, 2014 is the last day of my lease.  The last day of Oktober Studio.  I have had mixed feelings since this began.  At first I wanted to do everything possible to stay in my apartment; my apartment in the perfect location less than fifty yards away from the L, my bank in the backyard and a bakery across the street.  As I spent the last year packing, looking at property to buy and watching Logan Square change made me feel done with the neighborhood. Then I felt excited, excited to leave like I cannot wait to leave. Now with the last few days passing by a sorrow swept through me.  As the apartment becomes empty and the move began my thoughts are that " Wow this place looks like a great place to live" and I want to keep the apartment. Now while the search for the next Oktober Studio continues life will be slightly on hold, art projects will be different. I will have two final days of open studio. All art for sale: Friday, October 24th 8-10pm and Saturday, October 25th 12-3pm. Stop by!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I doodle anytime I have a pen/pencil and paper. Even when I am supposed to be listening to someone, I doodle. I think my best creative pieces are a doodle. Here are two I did. They always look the same to me like space stations from Star Wars. What do you doodle?