Friday, September 9, 2011


It has been a while since my last blog. 
What did you do you on your summer vacation? 
I love summer, I love being outside, running, biking, swimming, hiking.  My summers have turned into active outings: rowing, road trips, races. Here are some new pieces and a glimpse from the summer.

To update; the Milwaukee Avenue Art Fest was not great and unfortunately I will do it again next year and just hope for a better event. I felt the fest screwed the artists who participated and that is all I will say. Except the best part, my favorite part was the band THE FISHERMEN played opening night at my reception.  They were perfect punk bluegrass.  Who doean't love a banjo?! Moving forward I had a wonderful trip west that fueled a few new pieces.  I also spent a couple days in Michigan on the beach; my happy place!

Angels Landing Zion National Park

I did my 3rd triathlon which is motivating experience from training to the finish line.  I started rowing for the first time this summer and I cannot say it enough that rowing on the river; seeing all the city wildlife surrounded by the skyscrapers and impressive graffiti makes me want to vandalize too.  

The Village Tap

The Village Tap
Currently I am showing at the Village Tap (2055 West Roscoe) until September 30th. 

3 bikes, 3 helmets, 3 bags,
3 events, 3 triathletes, 1 Prius 

I was lucky enough to have a couple paintings and my work space, Oktober Studio part of the music video documentary The Promise by the band Sanawon.  I now have two new pieces for the Ocean Revolution project.  If you are interested in these paintings please email me:

50% of this painting sale will be donated to the Ocean Revolution's 100BLUEANGELS campaign.

50% of this painting sale will be donated to Ocean Revolution's

Please stay tuned. My favorite month October is coming up quick and there will be Hockey & Halloween. What could be more exciting?!