Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 31 Flowers Project

These are the final floral pieces for my 31 May Flowers Project. This project is acrylic on paper and 9x12. Each painting is for sale for $25.00.

"May 12th"

"May 13th"

"May 14th"

"May 15th"

"May 16th"

"May 17th"

"May 18th"

"May 19th"

"May 20th"

"May 21st"

"May 22nd"

"May 23rd"

"May 24th"

"May 25th"

"May 26th"

"May 27th"

"May 28th"

"May 29th"

"May 30th"

Follow me on Instagram to see the last piece, "May 31st" and keep following to see upcoming large flower paintings in the works.