Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Subconscious Eye

Visiting the Ukrainian Institute Of Modern Art I discovered work by Paul Lamantia, John A. Kurtz, & Bruce Thorn.  Their three man exhibit Subconscious Eye examines life through daydreams, nightmares and dreamscape imagery. Their pieces capture the dreams within dreams one experiences along with the bizarre.  The institute was full of guests and the space was large and airy.  There were two galleries on either side of the reception.  One side was the featured exhibit and the other had current works by Ukrainian artists.  It felt very much like visiting a museum. Please enjoy the photos from the reception.

Bruce Thorn "Reef"  oil on linen. 
I like the size of this. It makes me want to find more
space to paint larger pieces.

"A Day With You" by Bruce Thorn

Paul Lamantia "The Collector Of Unfulfilled"
"The Collector Of Unfulfilled" 
close up of the color blending in the 
details of this oil painting

Paul Lamantia "Blood Love"
John A. Kurtz untitled sculpture made of
acrylic on celluclay. This piece reminds me of  sculptures I saw in Mexico as a kid when on vacation.
What I like about this John A. Kurtz painting ("Clown Woman 2")  is  its square shape. I  makes me feel like the face can expand and escape it's frame.  The image looks like the face/mind has thoughts running wild.

Milonadis Konstantin sculpture -steel
Close up of  Konstantin steel sculpture. 
Arkadia Olenska-Petryshyn "Retinue" Oil on canvas.
I loved the colors of this piece. The outlines are subtle.
This was my favorite painting of the night. Although not part of the featured exhibit. I liked the texture and shading of the blue, gold, green and yellow. 
-Untitled by Michael Mandziuk
Bronze untitled by Gregor Kruk

Jacques Hnizdovsky "Metro Poinconneuse" -I like this painting 's background  simple(less is more) and accurate. The scene is peaceful, relatable and cute.

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