Thursday, December 13, 2012


No hockey this season yet and I feel unfulfilled.  I have extra time and I am working on creative projects, maybe too many, clearly too many all at one time.  A few days ago I was sewing, baking cookies, painting and trying to cut glass bottles to make hanging lights (which by the way is ridiculous when I am a glass blower; the one repetitive thought that whole day).  My studio had projects going on in every room.  I realized the next day; this hole in my life I’ve have been feeling is because, I miss my Blackhawks.  This feeling of being empty and anxious all at once feels like pressure in my chest and it hurts.
but…although the glass project is not going so well, (which by the way is ridiculous when I am a glass blower) the paintings did.  I played with a fuchsia and purple.  Here are the paintings.

I also started ARTinerary through my Twitter profile.  It's for those of you looking for a fun Friday night and do not know what to do.  "Well I am Julie McCoy, your cruise director" with a Friday night plan with an art/creative theme of events.  I hope you will enjoy the agendas.

Follow me on Twitter to get the next Friday ARTinerary.
The cookies did not turn out at all. I am still sewing and we’ll just see how this project turns out.
This painting is going to be donated to the Purple Affair for the Bear for Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation.   A great event I hope you can attend.
"At Sunset" 12x30

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


When I first began to paint I wanted my paintings to be on cd covers.  Finally after X many years this has come true.  I met Trevor Shandling one year at the Milwaukee Ave Arts Fest.  He wondered into my open studio that weekend.  He just finished playing on one of the stages of the fest with one of his many bands.  He offered to play my piano.  What I learned in that short 30:minute meeting was that his family was in the piano tuning business.  Eventually he tuned my piano and we became friends.  Now his jazz quartet, Mercaba is releasing their second album, Smoke Signals. I was excited that they asked to use my art for the cd cover and inside jacket.  The big event is TODAY Wednesday December 5, 2012 at Jerry's 1938 West Division Chicago, Illinois 60622 at 8pm.

If you like jazz you are in for a treat.  This band is fantastic.  This will be my first live jazz show and as you know music is a very large part of my fuel to paint.  I am looking forward to a new experience. For more details please visit the event page. 

If you are holiday shopping; all I can say is buy local.  Please see my holiday painting sale board on Pinterest.  This sale expires 12/20/12. To purchase any of these paintings on this board please email Please include subject line: pinterest holiday sale.

Happy Holidays