Thursday, March 10, 2016

Color Inspiration

Practicing photography. Some snapshots and some color inspiration.

How beautiful is blue?! The shades of the sky are continuously changing all day long. My first thought always when I go out to take pictures is "the sky."  Even when it's dark or gray the sky is a good subject. I read recently these photography tips: to look for leading lines, look for your horizon and use the rule of thirds. I'm working on those.

Color inspiration catches your eye. For me, as a painter, even if I hear a color said that perhaps I have not heard in awhile or forgot about. Then I hear it and I become obsessed with it.  Red is my favorite color and I at times I am seeking the perfect red, bright and bloody and full of love. Every year for Christmas I ask for red nail polish, red like blood I write on the list and I have yet to receive the perfect shade; the shade to me that is red, but to everyone else it is shiny, it is creamy, it is orange.  Maybe everyone is colorblind?

When I get a color inspiration, I feel the deepness of the color. I see it bursting before me and I have to capture it.

What's your favorite color?