Monday, May 2, 2016

31 May Flowers Project

I am an abstract painter. To me this means I can paint anything, but it will be warped to my emotions. My strong skill is design, pattern and color. I couldn't try to draw or paint a person's face or a body or an animal if I tried and I have tried.  However I always get asked to paint flowers.  I love flowers, however they are not my strength. I recently discovered artist Bobbie Burgers. An extremely talented painter who paints flowers, nature, etc.  Her flowers are so beautiful and the pieces have a slight abstraction to them. I thought I want to paint flowers like her.  So I have started a short flower series; 31 May Flowers Project.  I hope to get better. This is the start of my practice.  

"Meet Me In The Garden"

"Dreaming Of Summer"

"May Day"

"May 1st"

"May 2nd"

to be continued...