Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Motif Painting

65GRAND is a little store front gallery in River West. The small space was the perfect setting for artist, You-Ni Chae’s Motif Painting Exhibit.  I had the pleasure of a short, but sweet introduction with the painter at the reception.  In those few moments I could see her lively personality matched her vivid paintings.  At first when I walked into the crowded gallery I thought, “This is it?” then…from across the room the vibrant hues of You-Ni’s pieces came together with delicate colors and gentle stokes.  Her pieces had color that reminded me of tissue paper and presents. Who doesn't love seeing pretty gifts? The prices were in the $900 range and the paintings were small to medium in size and showed perfectly in the gallery space. I look forward to seeing her work evolve over time and see where success will take her.

P.S. I too would also like to have a solo exhibit at 65GRAND.