Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Spring Collection 2021

I have been painting and painting and only really showing my work by social marketing, but I am happy to say a little collection has come together. Please view my Spring Collection. A collection of abstract paintings warming your soul and home up as Spring brings peace and happiness for a new season.

"Between You And Me"









"Ride The Wave"



"Blinding Sun"



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My heart is full and I am grateful for everyone supporting my art journey. I hope you will find a painting that connects with you and as always I am thankful for any referrals or shares of my art.  Catch up with you again soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Where Have I Been Part 3

When the Q began I did not enjoy working at home. I liked my home separate from my job. However, I have grown to like it. I like not having to commute for over an hour one way. I enjoy that I get to step outside and get fresh air, which I never did while working at the office. I barely felt the sun in 16 years and I was pining for it. I would leave for work at 8am and not return home until after 10pm and after commuting through the city for so many years this Q break made my life better. I bring all this up because, I had more time added to my life plus I got to go outside more. 

The Tunnel: backtrack to 2017; I had jogged through a tunnel in my hood many times and I kept thinking it was like being in the belly of a caterpillar. In 2017 I started a secret graffiti project. I started painting it with friends the colors of a Monarch caterpillar. One day, dad with his family came biking through the tunnel while I was painting. He knocked me down because, well, I was doing graffiti, but, that should not have mattered. I was a woman (just 5ft tall; I must have been a terrifying threat), he did it in front of his small kids and maybe the Grandmother. I was upset with anger and wanted to find him to knock him down.  I went to the alderman's office hoping I get city permission to paint this caterpillar.  Nothing happened. No one at the office could help me.  I gave up for a while, sporadically painting the tunnel. One day on Instagram I saw a post based on location and it was a girl posing in my caterpillar in front of the colors I painted. That was it! I' decided to paint again. I started graffiti again. I went back to the alderman's office and a miracle happened I got permission.

Going back to having more time added to my life and taking vacation days from work I was able to paint the caterpillar consistently. I met nice people in the tunnel who rallied and gave me paint and joined in on painting part of the wall. My painting gig evolved into a tunnel and four extra walls. I cannot believe I did this...take a look and I hope you will plan a visit to walk through the Ogallah Caterpillar Tunnel in Edison Park neighborhood of Chicago.



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Monday, March 1, 2021

Where Have I Been? Part 2

My last, last blog was in 2018. I wrote about my experience with Inktober. I have now participated in Inktober every year since then. I don't know if I am getting any better at drawing, but I am enjoying the sketching and learning from the tutorials.  Here are some sketches I did over the past two years that I think are the best of the best. Or just my favorites.




Hunter / Buddy




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Talking about sketching... I am most excited about my submission to the Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library that houses the world's largest artist sketchbook collection. My sketchbook is part drawings and part paintings. You can schedule a visit at the library and check out my book or you can take a peek at the digital version, but going to the library would be a great to touch the pages and just I would be so happy for a visitor.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Where Have I Been? Part 1

It has been such a long time since I wrote anything, So let's catch up.  My day job is exhausting and leaves me with no energy, but I am going to try harder to write. I'm trying to get back into this blog so it will be short and sweet. Little baby brave steps.

I am still saving and searching for my Oktober Studio II. At times it feels like it will never happen, but I still have faith. I tried to buy 2 places but, the first one, the  inspector said it should be a tear down. The second one the lender said I was poor, but they said it a lot nicer than that.

Here are a couple new paintings I recently did for gifts. A couple are already hanging up and the owners shared these photos. These two pieces I did the same day. I gifted them still wet. I sometimes like to use a stamp for shape and mash the paint colors together. I like the texture it makes and the color mix.


Yes both are titled "50"

This painting I also created with same style of stamping and mashing paint. This diptych was spilt up for two friends who now have paintings that are forever linked, just like our friendships. I like a little mystery and a puzzle. Will they find their way back to each other?

...and on an artist fail, maybe. I was signing the backs of these two paintings and it was in the dark, in a moving car and got the titles mixed up. The original title was supposed to be" That Sumer In July", but, it's backwards and that's abstract and that's ok.

28x28 "In July, That Summer"

My color inspiration came from this flower arrangement I saw on Instagram from a wonderful floral artist and author, Christin Geall.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Inktober 2018

I cannot draw. I am an abstract painter. I'm good with color, design, lines, patterns and shapes. I keep telling myself it doesn't matter that I am not a strong illustrator. My sketches are my own style . I participated in Inktober this October on Instagram.

Inktober is a challenge to do ink drawings for all of October. Utah illustrator, Jake Parker created Inktober. I thought it would be fun and a great way to practice drawing.  It was a challenge to find time to do each drawing, post it.  I really did learn from this practice. I learned about ink pen options and about hatching. I liked seeing other participant's work and learning how to draw from seeing other work. I was surprised by my ability to come up with ideas each day.  Here is the prompt list & my drawings.